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Our team of expert financial planners is here to help, whether you want to pay yourself more or hire some more help. Let's make sure you understand your numbers so you can be a confident business leader. So, ditch the stress and embrace the journey! We'll be your guide every step of the way, with a perfect blend of high-fives and expert advice.


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Clear and Simple Support
In Two Phases

Our easy-to-follow two phase program offers the budgeting and financial planning help you need. Each phase is tailored to fit your situation, giving you flexibility and clear guidance to reach your financial goals. Start with one phase or complete both for a full financial makeover.

Calculated Cost Academy Phases (2)

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Calculated Cost Academy™ Build Your Budget

Ready to take control of your business finances and break free from the fear of running out of cash? Enroll in our Build Your Budget Program! This 3-week online class is your essential guide to creating a budget that aligns with your business goals.


You get to learn from the best: You'll be guided by a seasoned CPA/CFP® with over 15 years of experience. That means you're getting proven strategies and real-world advice from someone who's been there and done that.


If you're a small business owner looking to establish a solid budget this program is perfect for you.


Here's what makes the 3-week Build Your Budget program a game-changer for you and your business:


Create a budget uniquely tailored to your business’s specific needs and goals, setting a clear financial path.


Define clear financial goals and benchmarks for your business.


Identify and prioritize your expenses to ensure you’re investing in areas that drive growth and reduce unnecessary costs.


Learn to forecast your income, helping you plan for growth and anticipate financial needs.


Develop strategies to mitigate financial risks and prepare for unexpected expenses or economic downturns.


Receive budgeting templates designed to streamline your financial planning process.

By the end of the program, you will:


Know you can easily cover bills and payroll with a clear understanding of your finances.


Have a business budget like other successful companies, giving you a solid foundation for managing your finances confidently.


Decide if you need to adjust prices to cover your projected costs and ensure your business remains profitable.


Start to improve your spending habits by setting clear limits to control expenses and avoid overspending.


Possess a simple plan that shows how you can make a profit to fuel your business success.

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Calculated Cost Academy™ Manage Your Budget


Already have a budget but want to manage it better? Our Manage Your Budget program is perfect for you! In just three weeks, you'll learn easy ways to improve your budgeting and cash flow management skills to keep your business financially healthy.


If you're a small business owner who uses Quickbooks and wants to improve your budget management, this program is designed for you.


Don't have a high quality business budget yet? Check out our Build Your Budget class first.

Here’s how the 3-Week Manage Your Budget program can revolutionize your finances:


Learn how to track your finances easily, so you can always know where your money is going and keep your budget in check.


Find out how to adjust your budget when things change, helping you stay flexible and take advantage of new opportunities.


Understand how to manage your cash flow better, ensuring you always have enough money to cover your business expenses.


Implement processes and build a financial support team, so you have the right people and systems to help manage your finances.


Adopt tools to gather and interpret your financial data easily, making it simple to understand your financial situation.


Create habits to maintain financial stability and prepare for growth, ensuring your business is ready to expand when the time is right.

The result? You'll be a financial rockstar:


Use QuickBooks effectively for budgeting and analysis, so you can manage your Bookkeeper and Accountant with confidence.


Analyze your finances strategically, allowing you to make informed decisions that increase profits and drive growth.


Feel empowered to implement your newfound knowledge, leading your team to execute your financial plans successfully.


Have more confidence and clarity to handle the ups and downs of your business, ensuring you stay in control no matter what comes.

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