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We can coach you through successfully managing your money, including your debt and savings, or you can simply outsource the task to us.

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Stay empowered and confident in your financial journey, learn more about money management and financial planning through our blogs, webinars and more.

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Who We Are

Launched in 2008, Powerful People Plan (P3) is a financial consulting practice that provides solutions to help clients create and manage their monthly budgets

Black woman owned and led, P3 originally started to provide tax, budgeting, and GPA calculation services to University of Michigan students for $5 each. Although the offerings have evolved over the years, the passion for serving by providing financial solutions to those in need has never faded. P3 continues to work to reach first generation wealth builders, with a special heart for busy black women, who may not have been equipped by their parents or grandparents with the financial literacy to manage money successfully.


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