Meet our Founder

Meet Powerful People Plan's Founder and Head Financial Coach, Anita O'Neal, CPA, CFP®

Coach Anita O'Neal, CPA, CFP® is a highly accomplished financial coach who earned her Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting from the University of Michigan, followed by an M.B.A from Cornell University. Since her time in undergrad, she has been leading the charge at Powerful People Plan. 


Anita's story starts in Atlanta, GA, where she grew up. Her Dad owned a small convenience store in their town. It wasn't easy for him to get started – it took three long years just to get the money from a bank in the 1980s, and then another two years of hard work to get the store up and running. Despite all the effort, the store never made a profit. For nine years, it just made enough money to keep going and pay back the bank loan. After the loan was paid off, her Dad abruptly closed the store, and all the hard work didn't seem to pay off in the end.


This experience really shaped Anita. She saw how tough it can be for people who are really good at what they do but don't know much about handling money or running a business. Anita believes if she can help these small business owners manage their money better, their stories can end differently – maybe even help them sell their business and leave something valuable for their families. Anita wants to help make this happen by teaching them and offering services to guide them. She's on a mission to help other small businesses succeed in ways her Dad's store couldn't.



Specializing in budgeting and planning, she has devoted her career to guiding her small business clients towards financial stability personally and professionally. She firmly believes that once they achieve financial peace, they can do what God called them to do and be who God called them to be.

For over a decade, Coach Anita has been supporting clients through Powerful People Plan. In the last three years alone, she has helped over 60 clients through more than 500 coaching sessions. Her CPA and CFP® certifications ensures she is well equipped to guide clients through their financial journeys.

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